Vidya Shanti

Vidya Shanti

Phone: 0404 369 186

Country: Australia

State: South Australia

Vidya Shanti


Vidya is an inspirational teacher, healer and sacred musician. He has been studying with Shakti Durga and Shanti Mission since 2010. That was when Vidya started his journey of self-discovery, diving deep into Shakti Durga's teachings and tools. His background is South American, originally from Brazil, he brings forth a sweet, yet powerful mix of soft masculine energy combined with Nada Shakti training. His passion is to teach the Path of Ease and Grace, play sacred music and assist people to bring forth their highest potential in life. He also loves to perform Ignite Your Spirit healings and assist people in bringing more peace into their lives and anchoring their authentic self. He is a fun and joyful being, with an amazing heart and great compassion.

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