Aditya Gaia-Das

Aditya Gaia Dass

Aditya Gaia-Das

Phone: 0419 211 225

Suburb: Bundanoon

Country: Australia

Aditya Gaia-Das


Dr Aditya Gaia-Das (Steve Douglas) is a certified Yoga teacher, IYS Therapist, and apprentice Teacher in Shanti Mission. He works as a senior ecologist, and has a PhD in Human Ecology (religious aspects). He has assisted individuals and couples with a range of physical and metaphysical health issues, and is particularly keen to work with men who are looking to free themselves from outdated models of masculinity, and to improve their relationships – inner and outer. “I’m a big fan of transactional analysis and the Adult/Parent/Child model of psychology and self-awareness. Using that tool has significantly improved my understanding of myself and others.”

He understands and is able to offer assistance to anyone experiencing a problematic level of anxiety over environmental concerns.

He has an interest in ecological ethics and spirituality. “I see ethics and spirituality as deeply linked, so I believe that choosing to minimise our ecological ‘footprint’ on the planet is an act of wisdom and grace that has benefits on all levels of reality. The extra money and effort spent to reduce harm, comes back to you through grace – through demonstrated caring for the planet and the many beings that support us. This is consistent with teachings across many religious and spiritual traditions.

One of his favourite movies is The Matrix, because of the profound spiritual wisdom it contains. He uses this and other sci-fi classics as teaching tools.

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