Ambe Gauri

Ambe Gauri, Ignite Your Spirit Therapist and Teacher

Ambe Gauri

Phone: 0403 981 595

Suburb: Isaacs

Country: Australia

Ambe Gauri


Born in Argentina, Ambe Gauri (Daniela Falero) is a mother, yogi, Ignite Your Spirit therapist, NLP master practitioner, teacher of Shanti Mission’s Path of Ease & Grace seminars and co-founder of Elevate Life, a Canberra based wellness business.

Ambe Gauri offers individual consultations, weekly meditations and workshops as a way to approaching our lives with inspiration, self-love, reverence and gratitude. Her classes are filled with heart-wisdom, inviting you to gently awaken the bliss within. Experience the gifts of a class, workshop or one-one session to begin igniting your own inner connection.

Her classes and healing sessions are gifts designed to elevate your life, your capacity to love and to raise consciousness for the wellbeing of all.

Her gentleness and softness assists in opening your heart and mind to give a greater sense of peace and bliss. If this sounds interesting to you, Ambe Gauri invites you to join her in one of her weekly classes in Canberra or book in for an individual consultation in person or via skype.  She can also offer these sessions in Spanish.

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