Ananda Maya

Anandamaya, Ignite Your Spirit Therapist

Ananda Maya

Phone: 0418 693 561

Suburb: Jannali

Country: Australia

Ananda Maya


Anandamaya is senior teacher of Shanti Mission. She is an authentic, compassionate and gifted healer and teacher with a great sense of humour. She teaches the Path of Ease and Grace with an integrity and depth that many have found useful. As an experienced Ignite Your Spirit (IYS) therapist, she assists her students and clients resolve core issues in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual areas of life. She can help bring about transformational shifts in consciousness, leading to more confidence and joy. As a long time spiritual aspirant, Anandamaya has qualified in several disciplines, including counselling and clinical hypnotherapy on her personal journey to wellness. She is the spiritual leader of the Harmony Centre in the south of Sydney where she currently runs regular empowerment seminars, satsangs, meditations, mentoring, and the Path of Ease and Grace.

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