Bhadra Kali

Bhadrakali, Teacher and IYS Therapist

Bhadra Kali

Phone: 0432 585 445

Suburb: Cooranbong

Country: Australia

Bhadra Kali

Bhadra Kali specialises in helping to guide new souls to earth – and in supporting young families to enjoy greater peace, understanding, good health and happiness along the way. She is a master healer and teacher; deeply caring, compassionate, and devoted to serving the Divine in all people. Bhadra Kali is a registered nurse with extensive experience in early childhood. Bhadra Kali, Arjuna and Maitreya were 3 of the 7 people trained by Vigneshwaran, one of Sri Sakthi Amma’s senior priests to perform the Sri Narayani Yagam. A gift from Sri Shakti Amma for Shanti Mission.

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