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Chamundai worked as a lawyer, (Jackie Curran) in many fields for 20 years and is now a spiritual teacher, speaker, Ignite Your Spirit healer and teacher of the Path of Ease and Grace seminars for Shanti Mission worldwide. She lives her life in service and travels widely for her full time vocation.

Chamundai has an extensive background in personal and relationship counselling, experience as a litigator and family lawyer and as the mother of 2 children. She has developed a deep understanding of personal and family relating, its joys and challenges and how to resolve them using healing and spiritual principles.

As a business owner and working for more than 20 years in the legal and business world, Chamundai has seen the way spiritual principles and the practical healing tools of Shanti Mission can be applied in business to create abundance.

As an Ignite Your Spirit therapist, she connects with the energy of Chamundai, a name of the Divine mother from the Hindu tradition, who, through the power of unconditional love of all of creation, helps you connect to your soul presence – your Divine higher self, and find your soul’s purpose and mission in life.

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