Chandradevi, IYS Therapist, Shanti Mission teacher


Phone: 0415 297 641

Suburb: Five Dock

Country: Australia



Chandradevi is an Ignite Your Spirit Therapist, wellness mentor, and Path of Ease and Grace teacher based in Sydney’s inner western suburbs. Chandradevi offers Ignite Your Spirit (IYS) therapy in Five Dock NSW, or by phone or skype.

Chandradevi has been training with Shanti Mission since 2009 and is passionate about the wealth of wisdom, the message of peace and magic of personal growth that is available through Ignite Your Spirit healing and the Shanti Mission Path of Ease and Grace seminars.

“I love that through my therapist practice and teaching, I help my clients rediscover their energy, enthusiasm, self-love, and lightness of being. I found Shanti Mission at a time when I was suffering depression and illness, and I was desperate to find something, anything, to fix myself. I’d studied heaps of self-help books, had counselling, tried alternative therapies, and tried different styles of meditation. Even with all that, I still hadn’t found the tools to really change my life. Through IYS healing and the Shanti Mission seminars I finally found those tools, and I look forward to sharing them with you.”  Chandradevi


“For the past few years my life had seemingly been a series of closing doors. I was feeling exhausted, anxious, depressed, disappointed, confused and disoriented. Through IYS therapy, Chandradevi gently and powerfully cleaned the grime off my chakras and plugged up all the holes in my energy body, allowing energy to flood in, and my meditation practice to bear fruit. Challenging emotions are being washed away and gradually replaced with calm, clarity and motivation. Thankyou – I’m deeply grateful.” Anna G

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