Ganeshama, Shanti Mission Teacher, IYS Therapist


Phone: 0417 274 698

Suburb: Laguna

Country: Australia



Ganeshama has studied with Shakti Durga for many years and is a Master Healer and an empowered and joy-filled teacher of the Path of Ease and Grace and Spiritual Mentor. Ganeshama can assist you to develop and amplify the same empowerment and joy in yourself so that you may experience more fun, happiness and freedom in all areas of your life.

Using Ignite Your Spirit Therapy and her highly developed clairvoyance and intuition, Ganeshama can assist you to unlock deep rooted life challenges and blockages, whether they be physical, mental, emotional or energetic. This allows the real you to break free and shine forth, leading to more intimate, honest and “real” relationships with yourself and others. Compassionate, nurturing enthusiastic, and very uplifting. Ganeshama has employed and embodied the tools to facilitate profound and massive changes in her own life and assisted many others to do the same through her teaching, healing, and mentoring.

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