Gayatri Kamadhenu

Gayatri Kamadhenu, Shanti Mission Spiritual Teacher

Master Healer

Gayatri Kamadhenu

Country: United Kingdom

Gayatri Kamadhenu


Gayatri Kamadhenu is a vibrant and joyful being of great wisdom, spiritual strength and mastery. She is one of the lineage holders of Shanti Mission and will one day serve as the organisation’s Maha Guru. Gayatri spent six years serving the Shanti Mission Sydney community. Now living in the United Kingdom, Gayatri leads Shanti Mission UK.  Gayatri’s greatest love as a teacher is offering tools to help cultivate more love, joy, peace and connection in relationships. Gayatri has also released a pop album themed around finding authenticity and unconditional love and real intimacy in life.

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