Phone: 0401 744 715

Suburb: Cooranbong

Country: Australia



Jyotishakti is a gifted healer and teacher, with a strong foundation and knowledge in Shakti Durga’s work.

She combines her love of spirituality with her passion for health and well-being to help others understand and connect with their body.

“I find it so intriguing, the amazing nature of the body and the mind, it fascinates me to see how vast the experiences we as individuals can have when we are open to exploring it”.

With several years of experience of facilitating meditation, healing and also fitness groups, she shows patience, gentleness and understanding in her leadership; drawing from a wealth of information from her various studies.

Not only teaching programs aligned with Body Consciousness, but also running personal development seminars from the Path of Ease and Grace series.

Her voice has been blessed many times by Shakti Durga, allowing her to unfold into a beautiful devotional singer with energy to open the heart of all those that hear it. Now travelling Australia & internationally offering sound healing sessions and musical chant nights with her beloved husband Vidya.

Some workshops are also offered via live classrooms online. You can find out more about her by website, or email.

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