Maya Bhadni

Maya Bhadni

Phone: 0410 460 345

Suburb: Cambewarra

Country: Australia

Maya Bhadni


Maya Bhadni offers Ignite Your Spirit Therapy, which she regards as the most powerful yet gentle form of energy healing. This profound modality works at all levels of our being guided by your needs and yearning. With compassion and empathy, she will assist you to gently unfold the cloaks that are preventing peace of mind, wellbeing and confidence.

Maya Bhadni discovered her healing abilities through self healing, employing the wisdom of many modalities. Her lifelong spiritual practice in meditation, yoga, qigong and The Path of Ease and Grace equip her with understanding, skills, knowledge and intuition into the healing process and emotional, mental and spiritual growth.

Maya Bhadni is a mediation facilitator and Path of Ease and Grace teacher. Her background in education working with children, adults and families and being a wife and mother of two adult children give her practical appreciation of the hurdles that life offers. She has deep respect for each person’s individual journey and would be honoured to assist you in reaching your goals.

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