Stellar Maya

Stellar Maya

Stellar Maya

Phone: 0410 129 903

Suburb: Bowral

Country: Australia

Stellar Maya


A profound, powerful and intuitive Ignite Your Spirit Healer. Through her strength, gentleness and compassion Stellar Maya will guide you into greater empowerment to experience more self love and self acceptance than ever before.

Her broad range of life experiences equip her to hold you in a safe space as deep emotion are released, making way for new experiences through healing and love. Stellar Maya has also worked extensively with people who struggle with addiction, helping them to move into healthy behaviors and full enjoyment of life.

She provided healing in an operating theatre to woman undergoing surgery as well as pre and post operation support.

Stellar Maya is an International Teacher and Ignite Your Spirit Practitioner. She is a teacher of the Path of Ease and Grace as well as Therapist Training, Make a Difference and Empowering Relationships Self Realisation.

IYS sessions run approximately 45 minutes.

Cost $150.

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