Vision Groups

Hugging Earth

You can participate in Shanti Mission Vision Group meditations no matter where you are located in the world.  Download one of the many clearing and visioning meditations now and give it a go. Tell your friends, spread them around, the more people that do these meditations the easier positive societal change will become. Here are some of the vision groups we have already and for which transformational meditations have been created:

Right click and “save” the following MP3 audio files

Vision groups overview – Talk

Earth – Wiping out doom thought forms, creating thought forms of new green energy sources, planting gardens, sustainable agriculture and building work: we will be working to create some new resources for this group during this retreat

Health – Introducing Ignite Your Spirit (IYS) Therapy to health professionals, development of ‘fusion’ hospital services providing Western and complimentary therapy together, disseminating IYS Therapy to those in need to bring peace through healing

Corporate – Raising the vibration of the workplace, erasing negative maya about business, finding new ways to engender cooperation, love, happiness and peace at work

Politics – Raising the vibration of politics, deleting the negative maya around politics and creating a vision for peace through inspired statesmanship and high vibrational leadership of nations and states

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