bigstock-Volunteer-62324450Being of service to our fellow beings is a yearning within the heart of each and every spiritual master who has ever lived. Giving service is one of the hallmarks of a developed being with a deep understanding, not just a mental idea, of how the universe works. Service is essential to develop the karmic grace to receive the higher teachings. Serving others is truly a form of serving the divine and growing the light within our soul.

We call volunteering ‘Seva’ which is a Sanskrit term that properly reflects the spiritual growth and transformation that comes from helping a spiritual community to grow. We help our sevites (volunteers) to embody compassion and loving-kindness as well as completing the many tasks that need to be done to keep Shanti Mission moving forward.

“A report published in the journal BMJ Open found that people who volunteered had higher levels of mental health and well-being than those who did not. this was especially true for people over 40”.
Time, August 22 2016

Divine Grace

Divine Grace is what helps us to clear our karmic debt from the many lifetimes we’ve all lived. To Give, Forgive and Serve is an act of God. Honouring the Law of Flow, we encourage our community to open their hearts to giving, forgiving and serving which in turn brings more ease and grace into our lives.

Your Unique Skills – Volunteer Opportunities

Everyone is welcome to support Shanti Mission in whatever way makes your heart sing. This is an excellent way to get to know people and become part of our community. Whatever your unique gifts or talents are, if you’d like to get involved in one of the many Shanti Mission projects, we’d love to hear from you.

Please email volunteering [@] shantimission.org for more information on how you can play your part. View current roles on the Volunteer page.

“Every human being experiences happiness in two different ways:
by giving and by receiving.
It is in giving that we experience permanent happiness.”
Sri Sakthi Amma

Shakti Durga, Strength of the Soul

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