We’re A Charity

Lotus flowerOur Charity has been ENDORSED by the Australian Taxation Office as a DEDUCTIBLE GIFT RECIPIENT. This means that you can claim a tax deduction for the donation you make when attending a program. Your donations help to pay our running costs and your event contributions help to pay the teachers and cover the cost of course resources. You can also help others to receive by joining Friends of Peace and Well Being, this donation is also tax deductible.

Shanti Mission is a registered charity. Shanti Mission Harmony Centres Ltd was incorporated in 2007 and is a company limited by guarantee. It was established to provide charitable assistance to those seeking healing and well-being, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

We are open to public scrutiny. Our accounts are audited every year by independent auditors.

We began in Cooranbong on a beautiful 60 acre property that is next to the State forest. Since then we have grown with communities across Australia and internationally. We run our seminars by donation so that everyone can afford to gain the skills necessary to be at peace.


Charity Registration Certificate. PDF
Approved Charitable Fundraising Authority. PDF
Deductible Gift Recipient Number: 916386765. Donations to the Building Fund are tax deductible.

Financial Reports

Financial Statements Year Ending 30 June 2020 – PDF

Financial Statements Year Ending 30 June 2019 – PDF
Financial Statements Year Ending 30 June 2018 – PDF
Financial Statements Year Ending 30 June 2017 – PDF
Financial Statements Year Ending 30 June 2016 – PDF
Financial Statements Year Ending 30 June 2015 – PDF
Financial Statements Year Ending 30 June 2014 – PDF
Financial Statements Year Ending 30 June 2013 – PDF
Financial Statements Year Ending 30 June 2012 – PDF
Audited Account 2010-11 – PDF
Audited Financial Reports 2010 – PDF

Board of Directors

Our board is comprised of the following people:

Shakti Durga
Qualifications: Degree in Law and Economics
Experience: Practiced as a barrister in NSW for 17 years. She has also studied a range of alternative and complementary healing modalities and learned meditation with various spiritual teachers in Australia, India, Bali, and the Philippines. She is an expert on meditation, the human energy field, personal development, motivation and alternative health. She has authored 5 books on self development and created the Path of Ease and Grace series of seminars, which focus upon mental emotional and spiritual wellbeing. She has created numerous meditation and relaxation CD’s.

Shiva Kata Tjuta (Hugh Keller)
Qualifications: Degree in Law
Experience: Practiced as a Solicitor with a leading law firm for 40 years until July 2010. Served as a director of an ASX listed company, several large proprietary companies and numerous other smaller companies. He also served for 10 years as chairman of a superannuation fund which grew from 1,200 to 1,600 members during this time.

Soham Kali (Patricia Lyon)
Qualifications: Master of Education, UNSW; BA London, UK; Postgraduate Certificate of Education, Nottingham UK;  Postgraduate Certificate of Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Lund Sweden.
In her career with the public service Soham Kali was the Principal Adviser in AusAID (now Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) for 14 years until January 2010. She provided strategic advice in organisation development, capacity development, public sector management/reform and governance as it related to the public sector in countries in receipt of Australian aid in the Asia Pacific region. She liaised with the World Bank, United Nations, Asian Development Bank and diplomatic representatives of aid-giving countries. She managed international research projects and was a speaker at national and international conferences to do with foreign aid.

Anandamaya (Sheila Fawns)

Qualifications: Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Diploma of Counselling, Diploma of Kinesiology, Certificate IV in Human Resources, Certificate IV in Training & Assessment.

Experience: Worked as Administration & HR Manager Australia for a global shopping development company, including managing staff and development of policies and procedures in various fields including superannuation, payroll and fleet management.    During her career, Anandamaya has also worked  a Teacher at TAFE NSW, teaching a Diploma in Business Management.    She has also studied a wide range of alternative and complementary therapies and has studied with various spiritual teachers, both in Australia and overseas.   She is widely versed in the human energy field, personal development and psychotherapy and assists people in reaching their full potential.

She currently runs a Meditation and Personal Development facility in the South of Sydney where she regularly runs meditations and personal development seminars, assisting people with their physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Gayatri Kamadhenu and Bhadra Kali from the  Council of Light team make up the remainder of the Board of Directors.

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