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14 Oct 2018 Abode of Peace

Navaratri Intensive with Parvati Sundari

​The beginning of spring is taken as a sacred opportunity for the worship of the Divine Mother. In the Hindu...


29 Sep 2018 Abode of Peace

Balance, Joy and the Elements Intensive

In this intensive we will explore the nature of Lord Dhanvantre, who is the healing aspect of Lord Vishnu. We ...


24 Oct 2018 Abode of Peace

Money, Wealth, Dhana Lakshmi – Full Moon Fire Puja

Devotional practices help us connect with the divinity within. Attend the whole session, or drop in as you are...


Abundance for all, Living a purposeful life
03 Oct 2018 Abode of Peace

Healing Meditation Wednesday

Learn techniques for life balance, well-being and inner peace: Relax, relieve stress and anxiety, calm your...

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