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What’s On

01 Sep 2015 Cooranbong, Retreat Centre, NSW

Divine Feminine Voice with Anandanetti

Reclaim your unique divine voice. Be empowered and courageous as you remember who you are, and what it is you have to say.  Contemplation, practical ... read more

Shakti Durga Retreats - Sri Sakthi Amma's Peedam
04 Sep 2015 Southern Highlands, NSW

Energy of India – Embracing Lakshmi

Savitur, Stellar Maya and Nityananda will be returning from a personal retreat in India after spending time in Sri Sakhti Amma’s Ashram. They are lo... read more

Growing Knowledge
05 Sep 2015 Cooranbong, Retreat Centre, NSW

Teacher Training Day

Shakti Durga has asked that as many teachers as possible attend. There will be a series of important announcements about Shanti Mission teaching servi... read more

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Sunday Satsang Meditation

Join us for a Sunday morning for an uplifting session of meditation, music, and an amazing community of people.

Making a Difference

Our Teachers

  • Shakti Durga

    Shakti Durga

    Shakti Durga is a living ‘Guru’. Her teachings focus on the development of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing, with the goal of igniting the divine spark and cultivating the guru within everyone. She is the founder, spiritual head and inspirational leader of Shanti Mission. Visit for more information, books, CDs and guided meditations.

  • Parvati Sundari

    Parvati Sundari

    Parvati Sundari was Shakti Durga’s first Disciple and was present when she had her awakening as a Guru. She is often called the ‘Guru of Joy.’ She is a Spiritual Teacher and Master IYS Healer. She is also a lead vocalist with Shanti Music. Singing (and usually lots of laughing) plays an integral part in her healings and teachings. Parvati is also a regular host on Joy FM Radio in Melbourne and Sydney.

  • Shakti Durga, Bhadra Kali, Shanti Mission

    Bhadra Kali

    Bhadra Kali is a senior disciple of Shakti Durga. She is a teacher and Master Healer of Ignite Your Spirit Therapy. She specialises in helping with preparation for pregnancy, pregnancy, birth and with families and early childhood. She is also a Child and Family Health Nurse and so brings many years of experience with families, babies and children with her in her practice. She also specialises in chronic illness and health. Bhadra Kali is caring, considerate and will do what she can to help you on your journey of healing, happiness and Divine connection if that is what you seek.

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    Maitreya is a sublime teacher, powerful healer and an inspired sacred musician. He guides his students, clients and audiences into the heart of the truth with boundless joy, empowering them to uncover the vast radiance that is their own nature. Maitreya has an extensive background in Music Therapy and an unshakable passion for the healing power of sound. He is a recent, first time father and has a beautiful son named Bodhi.

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    Gayatri Kahmadhenu

    Gayatri Kamadhenu is a vibrant and joyful being of great wisdom, spiritual strength and mastery. She is one of the lineage holders or future leaders of Shanti Mission and will one day serve as the organisation’s Maha Guru. Now living in America, Gayatri leads Shanti Mission Connecticut with her husband Arjuna. They offer Satsangs, Path of Ease and Grace seminars, Pujas and group and individual healings in Connecticut and New York.

  • Ganga_Hanuman_small

    Ganga Hanuman

    Ganga is also a senior teacher of the Path of Ease and Grace – and has worked with many hundreds of students and clients on courses, in private sessions and on retreats with Shakti Durga in Australia and around the world. She is a devoted ally and friend to the soul, passionately committed to lifelong service. Ganga is a senior Ignite Your Spirit Therapist who brings to her practice a wealth of wisdom from the numerous complementary therapies she has studied over many years. Her rich life experience is utilised in her unique approach and her understanding of the complexities of life and relationship enable profound healing. Ganga’s combination of deep compassion, understanding and strength assists people to gain freedom from the patterns that seemingly imprison them. Relationship patterns, thought patterns and feelings that may seem ‘stuck’ are released and her clients leave their session feeling liberated and empowered. Clients are also given tools to use in everyday life enabling continuing results. Ganga’s kindness, humour and supportive nature help to restore a sense of hope.

  • Jatatambe Narayani

    Jagatambe Narayani

    Jagatambe Narayani is a lineage holder and future leader of Shanti Mission. As a Master IYS therapist and Doctor of Clinical Psychology, she offers profound insight and capacity for transformation from a place of deep wisdom, purity and compassion. Dealing with the full spectrum of human experience, she helps her clients and students to let go of all that gets in the way of realizing the truth of their highest potential, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

  • Savitur Dhanvantre

    Savitur Dhanvantre

    Savitur Dhanvantre is a lineage holder and future leader in Shanti Mission. His real job description is restorer of light and life. Savitur is in his element when teaching, healing and empowering others. He is an internationally sought-after Master healer and teacher who runs courses, sees clients and facilitates regular retreats in Australia and around the world. In all that he does, Savitur radiates a calm, loving presence that invites his students and clients to feel safe and held. He is a master of compassion who loves to serve.

  • Shekinah


    Shekinah’s pure bliss is teaching, healing and seeing others shine. She loves to work with people to empower them to bring heaven to Earth in their own lives. Part of Shekinah’s mastery is with the Kabbalistic tradition and the Tree of Life, which often come through in her healings and teaching. Shekinah treasures her healing practice and welcomes clients into the intimacy of her home in Malabar in Eastern Sydney, where she lives with her beloved, their two children and adorable dog Oli.

  • Arjuna


    Arjuna is a Spiritual Teacher and Ignite Your Spirit Therapist. Arjuna is masterful at both scientific and intuitive methodologies. He carries wisdom and unconditional love that can transport his clients into an all-pervading state of peace to create a life that is rich, satisfying, and abundant. His friendly, joyful, down to earth manner and his innate ability to meet people at their own level, immediately endears everyone who comes into contact with him. Arjuna runs fire pujas as well as meditations for business people.

  • Shiva Kata Tjuta

    Shiva Kata Tjuta

    Shiva Kata Tjuta is a Director on the Board of Shanti Mission. He is Shakti Durga’s partner in life and has assisted Shakti Durga for many years with the inception, creation and birthing of her charity, Shanti Mission. Shiva seeks to treat everyone as an individual, understanding that we are all different. Having been a professional problem solver for many years as a successful lawyer and partner of a very large law firm, he says “solving problems is a hard habit to shake.” He aspires to be love, strength and wisdom on legs!

  • Brahman Kyrie

    Brahman Kyrie

    Brahman Kyrie is an experienced healer, who uses Ignite Your Spirit Therapy to change the lives of her clients. She has a deep intuitive understanding of the core issues of physical and emotional ill health and has extensive experience in treating addictions. Brahman Kyrie travels throughout the world, giving healing and inspiring souls to awaken to their full potential, giving them the power to recreate their life.

  • Anandanetti


    Anandanetti is a Senior Spiritual Teacher and Ignite Your Spirit Therapist at Shanti Mission who has worked and studied with Shakti Durga for many years. She facilitates meditation and mentoring groups and founded ‘The Peace Angels,’ a transformational theatre company promoting peace. Anandanetti is also the creator and facilitator of her amazing training program ‘Stand up and Speak’.